4ª Mostra Aqui tem SUS

Council of Municipal Health Secretaries of Santa Catarina – Cosems SC The 4th Show of Santa Catarina Brazil, Aqui Tem SUS, held during the VII Congress of Municipal Health Secretaries, organized by Cosems in collaboration with the city of Blumenau and Secretarías de Promoción de la Salud y Turismo. This event was attended by 800 technicians and 200 municipal health managers who discussed topics related to Dengue, immunization strategies for different diseases, coping with Covid-19 and the search for more resources for investment in health in the municipalities.

The event ended with the disclosure of the top 20 among the 100 finalists of the 4th Mostra Santa Catarina Brazil, Aqui Tem SUS. A total of 303 works from all regions were registered. The five best ranked received trophies, and Master’s student Erica Flos, from the Postgraduate Program in Nursing Care Management, received 2nd place for the presentation of work on the Implantation of the Ambulatory Clinic for the Treatment of Heridas, in the city ​​of San Bento hacer Sur. The outpatient approach is carried out in a holistic way, integrating the use of Integrative Practices, materials and high-tech techniques for the care of herids.

It is among the 20 representatives of our state in the national show that will be held in Campo Grande from July 12-15.

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