Area of ​​Concentration and Lines of Operation

Concentration Area

HEALTH AND NURSING CARE MANAGEMENT, with the menu: Health care management and nursing. Organization and management of health and nursing work. Management of nursing care in acute and chronic situations in the process of living, falling ill and dying. Models, technologies and innovations for care in the process of human living.

Lines of Action

1. Technology in Health and Nursing

Syllabus: Understanding about knowledge and technological innovation applicable to health care and nursing practices. Creation and development of methodologies, procedures and instruments for health care and nursing.

–       Thematic Areas:

– Informatics/computerisation of assistance

– Technologies for patient safety

– Systematization of Nursing Care

– Clinical Research in Nursing

– Care protocols

-Continuing education

– Evidence-based nursing practice

– Methods and instruments of caring and educating in nursing

– Technological innovation in health and nursing

– Technological evaluation in health


2. Health and nursing management and management

Syllabus: Theoretical, philosophical, political and technological conceptions of health and nursing administration/management/management. Organizational health care systems. Technology and innovation in health management and nursing.

–       Thematic Areas:

– Policies and care management

– People Management

– Models and processes of care organization

– Health and nursing planning

– Evaluation in health and nursing

– Care management protocols

– Information systems and quality indicators

– Development of products in care management

– Systematization of Nursing Care


3. The care and process of living, being healthy, getting sick and dying

Syllabus: Theoretical, philosophical, methodological, educational and technological conceptions that underlie the care and process of living, being healthy, falling ill and dying, in the individual and collective dimension, including sociocultural and gender approaches. Intervention and technological innovation in the care of people, families, groups and community, in the health-disease process in the different scenarios.

–       Thematic Areas:

– Care in the process of living, falling ill and dying

– Safe and humanized care for people and families

– Systematization of Nursing Care

–       Propostas de intervenção e inovação no cuidado em Saúde e Enfermagem

–       Educação em saúde


Linhas de Atuação aprovadas em reunião do Colegiado Pleno realizada em 06.02.2014.

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