• Discipline validation here. (To request validation of more than one discipline, copy the discipline identification fields as many times as necessary. You don’t need to fill out a form for each)
  • Request for a change of regiment here.
  • Request for co-orientation here.
  • Extension of defense deadline here.
  • Teaching internship request here.
  • Special student registration form here.
  • Frequency statement here. (for those who need to present at work. Fill out and request signature of the teacher of the discipline)
  • General application here. (for miscellaneous requests)

Qualification and Defense Bunkers

  • Form for registration of an external teacher to UFSC here. (consult the secretariat in advance to find out if the teacher already has a registration in capg)
  • Model look like here.
  • Invitation template for banking here.
  • Job referral form to the bank – Qualification here.
  • Job referral form to banking – Defense here.
  • Bankroll Application Form – Qualification here.
  • Bankroll Application Form – Defense here.

Diploma Preparation

Annual Report

Event Aid Forms


Guidelines: CLICK HERE

Documentation required to apply for assistance:

  • Request form for assistance for participation in events – students
  • Proof of submission of the work;
  • Copy of the submitted abstract;
  • Proof of acceptance of the work, when already available (if it is not possible, the granting of the aid will be conditioned to the acceptance of the work);
  • Proof of updating of the Lattes Curriculum (first page).

The student contemplated with the aid must deliver to the Secretariat of the Program, after the event, according to the amount granted, the following documents:


Guidelines: CLICK HERE

Documentation required to apply for assistance:

For accountability, the following documents are required:

  • Event participation report
  • Certificate (copy) of participation in the event;
  • Certificate (copy) of presentation of the work;
  • Copy of the Annals of the Event (with the appropriate identification data: catalographic form of the event, if available);
  • Boarding tickets (must be delivered within a maximum of 05 working days).
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